Hunting Season

10 Important Hunting Safety Tips

Many people enjoy recreational hunting for deer, fowl, or small mammals. For some, it helps place food on the table, while for others, it is simply a bonding activity that provides the benefit of extra food when you’re lucky. It can also be dangerous, however, if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you plan to go hunting at any point, ensure you are using these ten important hunting safety tips.

  1. Never point your gun at yourself or another person, in case of an accidental misfire. Guns should only be aimed at the animals you intend to shoot because accidents do happen. You should always treat every gun as though it is loaded and can fire at any given second.

2. Remember to wear an orange safety vest so other hunters can see you.

3. Make sure you carry a waterproof fire starting kit in your pocket. In the event you wander deeper into the woods then you originally planned and become wet, the ability to start a fire could save you from hypothermia.

4. Always double check your target before firing. Ensure it is actually an animal you are taking aim at and not a human. Clear shots can save lives.

5. Always double check that an animal is actually dead before loading them into your vehicle. This can save you from a big scare and possible injury later.

6. Never take small children hunting with you. If they are not legally allowed to hunt, they should not be in the woods with you. Small children are harder to identify in the woods and can be seriously injured on a hunting trip.

7. Do not, under any circumstances, drink alcohol or take drugs, which might alter the mind while you are hunting. You should always be in full control of your facilities when using a loaded weapon.

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8. Try to always bring a partner with you on your hunting expeditions, so you are fully prepared in case of an emergency. If you are unable to bring a partner with you, ensure at least one person knows your intended hunting location and the time you intend to arrive back. This way, someone will know where you are and can come searching for you if you do not arrive back safely.

9. Store and  transport your ammunition separate from your guns.

10.  Do not transport loaded weapons, as they can misfire. Weapons should be unloaded during transportation. Using the ten important hunting safety tips listed above can keep you safe while enjoying your recreational sports venture. The most important thing to remember is that guns are no joking matter. Accidents can and do occur, but these tips will help keep you (and those with you) safe at all times.